When you click on the Assessment & Evaluation "list" icon in the top right corner of the screen, you can see your assessment (survey) tasks. You can also navigate to this screen via the User Profile icon → Surveys.


Click the corresponding tab to view:

  • Assessment Tasks – Course/instructor evaluations you must complete
  • Tasks Completed on Me – Results of assessments completed about you
  • My completed Tasks – Assessment tasks you have completed

View Pending Assessment Tasks

  • Click Assessment Tasks
  • Assessments to complete are displayed
  • Click View Task from the displayed list
  • Complete the fillable form
  • Press Save as a Draft to complete later or Submit

View Assessments Completed on You

For some assessments, you are able to view the contents of a survey completed on you. Some results show the entire form, while others only show the free text comments.

  • Click Tasks Completed on Me
  • To download a PDF version
    • Click the Download PDF box or
    • Press Select All followed by Download PDF

View Your Previously Completed Tasks

Students are able to review previously completed surveys in the My Completed Tasks tab.

  • Click on My Completed Tasks
  • Click View Taskto review an individual survey
  • Click the Download PDF or Select All followed by Download PDF to download and review multiple surveys