Duty Hours

Add Duty Hours

  • Click the Clerkship tab, followed by Duty Hours
  • Click the name of the clerkship rotation to access the calendar view
  • Click the Log Hours button to add duty hours
  • Select the Hour Type
    • Remember to log your Off Duty and Absence days as well as days you are On Duty
  • Select the Encounter Date and start time
  • Add the number of hours

Recorded duty hours cannot exceed 24 hours in any given day. Hours worked after midnight must be recorded on the next calendar day.

  • Press the Save button to save the individual entry
  • You will be directed to a calendar view indicating the number of hours worked per day

Edit Duty Hours

  • Return to the Duty Hours screen
  • Click the clerkship rotation name
  • Refer to the listing of duty hour logs (below the calendar view)
  • Click the date/time to be edited
  • Update information as needed
  • Press the Save button